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To those who have been loyal in following me from my other Deviant Art page, I thank and welcome you to this site dedicated to my paleo art. The galleries will soon fill up. I will be re-posting some of my older images and of course will be adding any new images to this new gallery page. Thanks for your support and have patience as I repopulate the galleries.


PrehistoricArt's Profile Picture
Arthur J Dorety III
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I have been interested in the prehistoric world since being a child and my interest has never wavered.

My mother worked in the geology department of Princeton University for many years and any time she had to bring me to work, I spent the bulk of that time in the small, but diverse museum within Guyot Hall. From the giant rotating globe with Charles Knight's paintings looking down into the foyer, to the giant moose and elk at the other end of the hall, I wanderd and wondered looking at everything countless times. The centerpiece, which is still there, is a large Allosaurus fossil reconstruction. Other highlights were an adult T-Rex skull, a Smilodon, diplodocid shin and a glyptodont shell. The museum had ancient fish all the way through to early humans.

Unfortunately that museum has been turned into office space and much of the collection sent to various other schools and museums, but it is still firmly in my memory.

Since then I've read and reproduced the animals of the past in different mediums, but when I discovered digital art with Poser and Vue I found a medium I could not break away from.

These days I use Poser, Vue and Photoshop to do all my paleoart. Poser possesses some rudimentary morphing tools and an ability to "chimera" some things together. In the future I hope to develop some skills in ZBrush to either enhance models from artists such as Raul Lunia or maybe even creating my own. Time being the main obstacle.

This has been an ongoing hobby that I've been turning into a professional service. I have been selling images through stock image sites and have had some personal requests, such as Christa Sadler for her recent publication in November 2016 "Where Dinosaurs Roamed: Lost World's of Utah's Grand Staircase".

I welcome you to browse my galleries. Anything is available for sale, simply send me a note for an existing image or special request. Pricing and/or donation can be discussed upon contact.

I do fantasy and sci-fi art, also, which can be seen at


Visit My Alternate Gallery

For more CG fantasy, sci-fi, landscapes and pinups please visit



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That's very kind, thanks!
EdensGarbage Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017
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